Main Learning Path

As a front-end web developer, you will have the opportunity to build engaging and interactive user experiences on the web. In this role, you will learn how to design and develop user-facing code, as well as bring your ideas to life on the browser canvas through the creation of websites and apps. This requires a strong understanding of various web development skills and technologies, which you will acquire through this program.

Gain Proficiency in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and React through this course.

Gain the skills to use accessibility techniques in your content.

Gain a deep understanding of the web, enabling you to search and learn more effectively.


Learning Path 2

Unlock the power of the web with the Fundamentals of Web Design and Development course


Learning Path 3

Enhance your skills and knowledge in web development by learning the language of the web.


Learning Path 4

Transform the look and feel of your website with the power of CSS.


Learning Path 5

Discover the foundations of a successful business.


Learning Path 6

Discover the foundations of a successful business.


Learning Path 7

Discover the foundations of a successful business.


Learning Path 8

Maximize your online visibility and drive traffic to your website with our SEO.


Learning Path 9

Gain a comprehensive understanding of web programming and how the web works.


Learning Path 10

Improve the user experience of your web applications and websites by learning the art of accessibility.


Learning Path 11

Enhance your web development skills and create dynamic, data-driven user experiences with React.


Learning Path 12

Learn & Design intuitive and engaging web interfaces with React.js.


Learning Path 13

Take control of your career and reach your full potential.


Learning Path 14

build a successful freelancing career with the right skills and guidance.


Learning Path 15

Improve your professional communication skills and succeed in the global business world.


Learning Path 16

Present your skills and expertise with a standout final eProject.